Sunday, January 4, 2015

Reflecting on 3,359 miles biked in 2014

Final 2014 numbers. This is what 3,359 miles looks like.

The monthly bus pass subscription expired 2/28/2014.

What 414 miles in October looks like. That Saturday hole was there all year. Sundays were pretty spotty for riding, too.

One random day in October. Biked in on Babcock, home on Federal and Perrysville. Something like this, every day you see 20+ miles.

Here is a day when I biked in but took the bus home. Most days with about 12 miles are like this. The "Half mile across downtown" was any of about 10 ways to get from City-County Building to whichever bus stop I used, all of which land in the .39-.61 mile range.

What does this prove? That it can be done. I bike as much as I can, but I use the bus when I want to. Each 11-mile trip is $3.75 in bus fare I didn't spend. Every day I went in by bike was $15 in parking I didn't spend, nor was any fuel involved.

The number of miles traveled exceeded 2013's total by over 800 miles, which exceeded the previous year by about 650. Theoretically, I could bike 5,000 miles in a year and not do anything remarkably different, merely commuting more, particularly in the winter. I don't know if I will, but I could, and probably could hold myself to it if I really wanted to. But for here, anyway, I will simply leave it at that I have shown it can be done, regularly, by a non-athletic man in his mid-50s without any special clothing or equipment. That should be message enough.


  1. ...wherein I explain some detail about my commuting statistics. At the least, you should see that these numbers are real, do-able, and can save YOU a bundle if you did likewise.

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