Sunday, December 2, 2012

Soupaneuring Week #1: Subway in West View

Week #1, Subway in West View. Soupaneering #1, Subway in West View The day did not go well, so I was lucky to be able to pull this off at all. The original plan was to take off before dawn to pick up and drop Tag-O-Rama tags, and nab a better one for Wheelset of Fortune, then catch up on some writing while I had a bowl of soup somewhere, for a bike game hat trick, as well as get together with (an)other cyclist(s) for a group construction project. It didn't happen. By the time I was ready to go out, it was raining steadily, and I was ready for a nap.

With failing light but a break in the weather, I opted for the three-mile trip into West View, where several choices of both fast food and decent restaurants awaited. I opted for Subway, which had a choice of just two institutional soups. I chose the broccoli and cheese, with a side of a white macadamia nut cookie, and chocolate milk. Total outlay, less than $5. I worked on my writing project as I dined, then with it fully dark, returned the three miles home. Total, about 6.1 miles. It also continues an uninterrupted string of going someplace purposeful at least once each week since January 1, 2012.

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  1. Soupaneuring is a variation on the coffeeneuring game, itself a variation on radonneuring, the idea of taking a bike ride somewhere, often at great distance. The point is to ride the bike somewhere, have a bowl of soup, and write about it, once a week for six weeks between Dec 1 2012 and Jan 31 2013.